Chris Villani - Performance Strategist, Trainer & Speaker

                               "Welcome to a new chapter in your life"

Chris Villani - Performance Strategist & Speaker

Discover a life of fulfillment

     Life is about discovery, connection and growth.  It happens simply when you look inside and bring out the powerful force within you.

Fulfillment happens when you

     1) Create your vision 

     2) Taking consistent daily action on your vision

     3) Enjoying the journey along the way

Life of Fulfillment

Chris Villani
Performance Strategist, Trainer & Speaker

Chris Villani

Chris Villani's passion for helping others to breakthrough their limitations and become the person they were designed to be has been a lifelong mission. Today Chris helps others breakthrough their limitations and go after their goals and turn their dreams into reality.


"Giving people freedom of choice to grow and become the person they were designed to be is a gift that should be shared with everyone."
                                              - Chris Villani C.P.H.


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Chris Villani: Creating new and healthy patterns for your life

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